Abnormal Transport

Abnormal Transport

Nowadays big machinery is a big part of the construction industry. To move these very big objects or machines, you need to have permission to transport these large loads.

If you cannot transport your goods with one truck and your products are too heavy, you will need to look into abnormal transport services.

What is Considered an Abnormal Load?

An abnormal load has a width of more than 2.9 metres and a length more than 18.65 metres, a weight more than 4tons and an axel load of more than 10 000kg.

Our abnormal transport is very safe, and it does not affect other road users. We do it in a very safe manner with highly trained workers. Our abnormal transport includes escorts to ensure extra safety on the roads.

What is an Abnormal Load?

An abnormal load is transportation of goods that cannot be dismantled, and are legally permitted on the roads. The goods usually exceed dimensions or mass of the limit of the road laws.

You need a permit to transport these goods. Most abnormal loads take place in mining and construction industries, it is very common in crane hire as well.

Safety of Abnormal Load Transport

The risk of accidents is increased to a variety of factors, this includes decreased vision, and increased traffic. Abnormal transportation is not permitted during certain times of the year, this includes weekends and school holidays.

Depending on the dimensions and mass of the load, a specified number of escorts and traffic officers are required during the transportation. The larger and heavier the load is, the stricter the regulations are.

Escorts assist the load driver with successful navigation. The planned route must be suitable for abnormal transport, and any bridges must be able to handle the loads height and dimensions. The load must always be properly secured.

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Here at JMB Cranes we offer abnormal transport services. For more information on transporting your large goods and machinery, contact one of our consultants at JMB Cranes or visit our website to find out more.

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