Choosing the right company to hire a crane from.

Choosing the right company to hire a crane from.

Hiring a crane for a project big or small, where to start and which company to use. Here’s how these tips can assist in your decision. We take a look into the size and type of crane you are looking for, the company’s mission and vision and recent projects.

What size and type of crane are you looking for?

Determining the size of the job will determine exactly which type of crane you will need. There are a variety of projects different cranes are used for; from mobile cranes, heavy lift projects, rigging services and abnormal transport.

A quick breakdown for you to understand. Mobile crane hire has a capacity of up to 550 tons, Heavy lift projects is a specific crane designed specially for heavy lifting, rigging services can assist with up to 1000-ton capacity and abnormal transport is to support those wide loads on the road cautiously.

What’s the company’s mission and vision?

Cranes that are serviced and maintained by highly skilled technicians with minimum break down is ultimately what you are looking for. A main priority should be safety when working with such large machinery. Do they have affordable crane hire, professional and experienced staff and does the company find new and innovative ways to better their quality. A driven company will make your decision easy.

Can the company show you recent projects?

Asking the company for their portfolio will give you a great understanding of wat their machines can with hold and the size of projects they have worked on. The bigger the variety obviously the better. Experience in the industry when working with large machinery is essential. References are wonderful to have to assist in making your decision easier.

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