Crazy Cranes: The Biggest and Most Interesting in the World

Crazy Cranes: The Biggest and Most Interesting in the World

Some construction tasks have been even beyond the scope of the heaviest lifters of the crane world. This has resulted in custom-designed cranes that are bigger, heavier, more structurally sound and more capable, being built specifically for the task at hand. Their dimensions and capabilities are mind-blowing; so without further ado, feel free to drop your jaw as you marvel at some of the biggest cranes in the world!

Thialf Crane

The Thialf crane is capable of carrying 14 200 tons of weight. It boasts an impressive height of 200 metres, and a width of 90 metres which also allows it to house up to 736 people. Built for deepwater construction, perhaps the most impressive fact of all is that this giant is a floating vessel, comprised of two cranes that have dynamic diving and positioning systems.  

Liebherr LR 13000

A height of 246 metres has earned this crane the title of being the world’s tallest crawler crane. Its immense height means that in order to be transported, it has to be disassembled into more easily moveable parts and then reassembled once it has reached its destination. It is most frequently used in the construction of power plants and has the capacity to carry up to 3 000 tons. 

The Kockums Crane

This crane specialised in the construction of ships, impressively building up to an estimated 75 of them between 1975 and 1997. The crane was last used in the construction of the Oresund Bridge (mid 1997), where its ability to lift up to 1 500 tons came in handy for lifting the foundations of the bridge’s pillars. 

The dismantling of The Kockums Crane took place in 2002 and resulted in sentimental Malmö residents tearing up at their crane being towed away. Subsequently, the Koreans have dubbed it “Tears of Malmoe”. 

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