Hiring cranes are better than buying

Hiring cranes are better than buying
The crane is the one piece of equipment that no construction firm can do without, and as a result, most construction companies may discover that owning a crane is more advantageous than hiring. However, owning a crane may prove to be more expensive in the long term than hiring a crane. This is because repairs and maintenance of cranes may be pretty costly. As a result, hiring a crane is a far better option than owning one.

Crane hire saves construction companies money and controls the additional expenses of maintenance and repair, employing a qualified operator, and getting licenses. One reliable crane hire firm is JMB Cranes.

These crane firms have a significant advantage in that they possess a fleet of various cranes such as tower cranes, mobile cranes, micro crawler cranes, and many more. Consequently, construction businesses don’t need to purchase all of these. Instead, they can just hire the cranes required for their task. Furthermore, JMB Cranes go above and beyond for their customers to ensure repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations. These services include frequent crane inspections by experienced engineers, repairs when needed, and a certified crane operator. This allows the construction company’s management to focus on other vital business areas.

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JMB Cranes is a one-stop shop for all your lifting needs. If you want to hire the best mobile crane company, talk to JMB Cranes today. We provide industry-leading maintenance services for industrial mobile cranes and hoists for all types and makes.​ Our objective is to improve our customers’ operations’ safety, productivity, and sustainability.​

We specialise in offering cranes for hire in Southern Africa. We have established a robust network across Southern Africa, and we continuously aim to cement our position in the construction industry. Should you require industrial crane hire, please contact our crane specialists to ensure we offer the right crane for your requirements.

Our team comprises professional operators and experts to help you with all your mobile crane needs. Contact JMB Cranes for professional and turnkey mobile crane services.

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