Mobile cranes and tower cranes

Many people, especially those new to construction, may not understand the difference between mobile cranes and tower cranes are. Both mobile cranes and tower cranes are heavy-duty machines that can lift and move heavy materials on site. Although there are many similarities between them, they also have distinct differences that may have crucial impacts on efficiency, quality, and cost of your project.

Tower cranes

Tower cranes lift and move very heavy and large materials like steel and concrete around building sites. Tower cranes are often seen on many skylines around the world. They are used when materials need to be lifted to an exact height, which is a key requirement in high rise cities. Tower cranes are not mobile, but fixed units that need to be erected on-site. Once construction is complete, they are dismantled again.

Mobile cranes

A mobile crane is a crane that is mounted on a truck and is operated by an operator that sits in a cab. It is powered by a telescopic boom that is mounted on the same truck or crane carrier. The most distinctive feature of mobile cranes is that they are self-propelled trucks that can travel to various building sites.

Why choose mobile cranes

Choosing between a mobile crane and tower crane needs to be an informed decision that ultimately comes down to your construction requirements where the site located.

Mobile cranes are more flexible in terms of their ability to move around. They can access various areas on one site at any time. Mobile cranes can travel to a work site, complete the job, and return to the hiring company. This removes the challenges of site space and set up. A key consideration is to assess whether there is room for the operating radius of the mobile crane and its extendable boom.

Hiring a mobile crane and operator

JMB Cranes hires out mobile cranes. Choosing one of our mobile cranes with an operator for your next construction project has several advantages.


Generally, mobile cranes don’t require an extensive amount of labour or time to set up. When you hire a mobile crane from JMB Cranes, it is driven to and from the construction site necessary. Our team of specialists will manage the safe and efficient operation of the mobile crane at your site.


Mobile cranes are agile and can operate on multiple areas on one site. Some of the mobile cranes in JMB Cranes’ fleet can operate in tight and confined spaces.


Mobile cranes are a more cost-effective when compared to tower cranes, since there is no labour, equipment and time involved in erecting and dismantling it.

Your mobile crane partners

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