Understanding mobile cranes

Mobile cranes are lifting equipment used at ports, building sites, and industrial sites to help manage lifts, whether they are raising or lowering. These lifts are frequently performed in congested areas, necessitating agility and a high reach.

How mobile cranes work

Mobile cranes can be easily mobilised to sites and start operating right away with minimal setup or installation based on the job’s specs. Whatever the size of the task, meticulous planning, load testing, lifting plans, and highly skilled crane specialists and riggers are essential to the success of every mobile crane job.

Mobile cranes are used in various construction, industrial, mining, and agricultural applications across the continent. All the businesses that use mobile cranes have one thing in common: they require equipment and machinery that is durable, trustworthy, and of high quality.

Types of mobile cranes for hire

All-terrain mobile cranes can work in wide-open construction sites and densely populated metropolitan areas with ease. They have remarkable manoeuvrability and can go at both low and high speeds.

Rough-terrain mobile cranes can negotiate even the most challenging building sites and terrain and work best at slow speeds. They’re tough and can pick and carry significant weights on most civil engineering projects.

Benefits of renting mobile cranes

Mobile cranes are essential in the construction industry. Several projects and industries companies require mobile cranes, but the cost of purchasing one makes that unlikely. Fortunately, companies like JMB Cranes offer mobile cranes for hire with several benefits.

Improved efficiency

Hiring a mobile crane increases your uptime and efficiency by ensuring you have the appropriate crane for the job.

Managed maintenance and repair

In addition to being expensive to purchase, the maintenance and repair of mobile cranes are equally costly. When you hire a mobile crane from JMB Cranes, these expenses are managed by them.


JMB Cranes offers flexible crane hire lease periods based on your project requirements. In addition, when you’re hiring a crane, you don’t have to worry about having sufficient storage space on-site.

Contact JMB Cranes for details

If you want to hire the best mobile crane company, talk to JMB Cranes today. We provide industry-leading maintenance services for all types and makes of industrial mobile cranes and hoists.​ Our objective is to improve the safety, productivity, and sustainability of our customers’ operations.​

We specialise in offering mobile cranes for hire in Southern Africa. We have established a robust network across Southern Africa, and we continuously aim to cement our position in the construction industry. Should you require industrial mobile cranes or cranes, please contact our crane specialists to ensure we offer the right crane for your requirements.

Our team comprises professional operators and experts to help you with all your mobile crane needs. Contact JMB Cranes for professional and turnkey mobile crane services.

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